Public Schools

In Arizona, public school district choices are some of the best in the nation. Featuring excellent programs, high graduation rates and high quality of education for students. Within the Phoenix Metro area, there are school districts where students are known to excel.

Fountain Hills Unified School District

Fountain Hills Unified School District (FHUSD) is a small district that is doing big things. This 3A school district boasts championship sports and activities and has award-winning Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Choir, Band, and Robotics program. Students in FHUSD are encouraged to pursue their interests, so you will find students who not only play a sport but play in the band as well. This small district boasts about its small numbers and personal attention to students - by names. Students receive a high-quality education from highly qualified teachers resulting in 98 percent graduation rate and successful college grads.

Scottsdale Unified School District

The larger award-winning Scottsdale Unified School District offers many services not found in smaller districts, charter or private schools. A self-contained Special Education program provides services for children who need more specialized and individualized services and a self-contained Gifted and Talented program offers students the ability to excel and move through a curriculum at a faster pace.  This school district has various educational options such as the International Baccalaureate program, Math and Science Academy and a large fine arts program. 

Kyrene School District

Having the distinction of being one of the best districts in the nation, Kyrene School District provides students pre-kinder through middle school high-quality education. With many programs such as dual language offering a 50/50 model, for example, students spend 50 percent of their day immersed in Spanish and 50 percent immersed in English. When students leave the district, they are fluent in a second language. Also providing gifted and talented along with accelerated learner opportunities. And participating in the state program “ Child Find,” students in the district are eligible to receive special education services if needed. This district has 25 schools (17 preschools, 19 elementary and 6 middle).

*(I could not find where they attend high school but I did confirm they have NO HIGH SCHOOLS in the district. Looks like Corona Del Sol in Tempe is an option need to research more)

Private School

Just like other states, Arizona is no exception to the abundance of private schools and the high caliber education they offer. Most private options are religious and feature required religious education. Some notable schools are Notre Dame Preparatory High School, Brophy High School, and Xavier High School. Two of these three are same-gender schools and offer boarding options for students who wish to live on campus. Tuition is funded by parents through either scholarships or private pay. These schools provide many services found in public schools.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are all the rage in education. These privately owned schools use public funds to provide school services to children throughout the state. Now how does that work? Arizona is a right to chose State - So State educational funds follow the child. Parents are able to utilize open enrollment at any Public or Charter school in the state. If they choose to use open enrollment, they are required apply to the new school and be accepted. 

With its upsides and downsides, charter schools have become a popular option for many students. Some boast dual language, different educational theories such as Montessori and other options like uniforms. Most charter schools do not participate in federal programs such as School Lunch or Transportation. So it's the parents' responsibility to provide lunch as well as transportation to and from school. 

Charter schools are widely known for being selective in regards to admission. Students with adequate means, no special needs, and no behavioral issues tend to get accepted with ease. While students who need special services may not be so lucky. Notable charter school choices include BASIS - currently the #1 high school in the Nation and is only about 5 - 10 minutes from Fountain Hills.  There is also the Noah Webster Schools and Scottsdale Country Day School which used to be a private school before becoming a charter school. Charter schools are an option for students who desire a different educational experience - from the norm.

In summary, if the objective is for your kids to attend the #1 high school in the nation, currently, BASIS seems to be chosen one. It is within minutes from the small town of Fountain Hills and Hidden Hills, Scottsdale, which is another small Scottsdale community on the edge of Fountain Hills. 

Hidden Hills homes, in your price range, tend to be on a smaller lot size of about 1/4 acre so the homes are typically close to each other. Take a look here and click the map tab for an aerial view of these properties.